stevee stone  | animal & wildlife painter

stevee stone | animal & wildlife painter

Stevee is an independent artist and full-time creative, whose diverse talents have recently led him into the world of expressionist painting. His passion for producing and selling original artwork has sparked a new venture into producing contemporary paintings at affordable prices.  

''Often culminating in edited series, my art is inspired by a love of nature and it's mesmerising movement.
I make of use natural forms and personal poetic and symbolic references. Animals, Birds , and Flora  take to the stage and come together in an eclectic dance of texture, line and familiar detail. Fluid lines and textural mark-making are passionately expressed upon a variety of surfaces, with each new piece leaning towards abstract expressionism, whilst retaining a characteristic narrative at their heart.
There is a commonality that underpins the work. And that is one of unity, one that recognises the interconnectedness of all things. 
My creative approach is impulsive at times but also includes an editing process which is often the most enjoyable part.''
2018 will begin to see an approach to more fluid and spontaneous way of working, allowing serendipity to shine and take its course. There is also a plan to produce limited edition prints that will be exclusive to the store, allowing for a different price point and accessibility.  


Born North East of England | 1974

Studied Art and Design | 7 yrs

Senior Clothing/Print Designer |3 yrs

University Senior Lecturer | 12 yrs

Artist & Illustrator | ...


Picturebook Illustration |  Behance

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