stevee stone | expressionist painter, illustrator & writer

stevee stone | expressionist painter, illustrator & writer

2017 Work Statement

As the world enters a new phase of increased and amplified uncertainty. It is in the realisation that the individual is the power and the inspiration behind it. Collectively we act and react to each others thoughts. 

To take a plunge and dive into the nature of our actions and reactions has always been a necessary task.  One that on a personal level, I'm now ready to take. And from a universal standpoint, this reflection is evidently, now needed more than ever. If we are to walk from the shadows of our trees and truly feel what it means to love each other.

Over the coming year, it's my intention to go deeper and explore further the nature of expressionism in art. And like its spontaneity who knows where that will lead..


Born North East of England | 1974

Studied Art and Design | 7 yrs

Senior Clothing/Print Designer |3 yrs

University Senior Lecturer | 12 yrs

Artist & Illustrator | ...


Picturebook Illustration |  Behance

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